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Wine Grapes Overview

The value of wine grapes production increased solidly driven by price. Production was largely unchanged despite an increase in output from the Riverina region. Wine export growth was also muted with strong ongoing gains in growth to emerging Chinese markets offset by falls in exports to more established markets.

4 % yoy GVP
1 % Contribution to
GVP growth
Export icon Exports to China continue to grow strongly

Prices paid are estimated to have increased by nearly 5% on average though results were mixed across the regions. The average price was $373 per tonne.


The grape crush was up slightly year-on-year. The positive result mainly reflected steady production in the Riverina, which accounts for 89% of the volume of wine grapes crushed in NSW.

Approximately 71% of the grape crush was purchased from grape growers, with the remainder supplied to wineries through their own vineyards.

The varieties of grapes most purchased largely mirrored production with shiraz, cabernet sauvignon and merlot purchased the most out of the red varieties and chardonnay, semillon and sauvignon blanc the most purchased of the white varieties.

Regional Crush 2016-17 (tonnes)

Region Crush (t)

Regional Crush 2016-17 (tonnes)
New England & North West
0.1% 31t
New Englands Australia 29
Northern Slopes Zone other 2
Mid North Coast
0.1% 29t
Hastings River 29
Hunter Valley (exc. Newcastle)
1.05% 3,664t
Hunter 3,238
Hunter Valley Zone other 426
Central West
4.75% 16,591t
Central Ranges 5,202
Cowra 4,014
Mudgee 1,319
Orange 6,056
2.35% 8,214t
Big Rivers Zone other 7,881
Perricoota 333
Southern Highlands & Shoalhaven
0.1% 44t
Shoalhaven Coast 0
Southern Highlands 44
90.75% 317,791t
Gundagai 4,909
Southern NSW Zone Other 371
Tumbarumba 1,201
Riverina 311,310
Capital Region
0.85% 2,983t
Canberra District 352
Hilltops 2,631


The value of wine exports was largely unchanged. Exports to established markets, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, were lower or unchanged, while exports to China continued to grow strongly. Over the past five years exports have grown around 2.8%, with fast growth to emerging markets in China and Italy largely responsible for this growth.

NSW Wine Exports Value ($m)

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